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Successful businesses have a strategy in place for virtually everything they do. They spend resources creating, developing and implementing strategies for Marketing, Product, Human Resources, R&D, and Communications—but they sometimes under emphasize change management.

EpiCentric helps bridge the gap between an organization’s change management group, the affected stakeholders and users, and the technical team so that the release brings meaningful change to everyone involved. To be effective, change management must be ongoing. Adopters need to be engaged up front and throughout the process, instead of waiting until deployment of the solution.

We start the change management processes in the beginning of an initiative so that end-user participation exists through the lifecycle of the product development work. We also help establish an operational process that the change management team can execute past the first release of a solution, making sure that future deliveries have the necessary enhancements to make success sustainable.

Common Challenges
Insufficient understanding of adoption group needs.
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Although change managers may understand high-level pain points and business context, they often fail to comprehend the detailed needs of end users. EpiCentric eliminates that disconnect by spending time getting to know end users and their everyday problems so that we can properly account for those needs when making a change. Our consultants bring together a knowledge of business objectives, pain points, and user requirements in order to see all those goals realized in a single product or solution.

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Change management groups lack detailed understanding of business process and product.
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Our goal is to set your change management team up for success. We leverage our business context and insight to assist in developing relevant change management material that promotes training and adoption of the product. We will help you develop business scenario training material and classes that engage end users and promote adoption, along with developing and measuring criteria to determine successful tool usage and adoption.

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